Romania Indoor Soccer Pitch Contruction - Reform Sports

Romania Indoor Soccer Pitch Contruction

Indoor Football Field / Romania construction complete.

Indoor football filed cost change by the filed dimensions. Most common indoor football filed dimensions are changes between 20m x 40m and 30m x 50m. Admitted dimensions for amateur football is 30m x 50m for best football games. 7×7 football teams can easly play games in a 30m x 50m indoor football fileds.

Indoor Soccer : Artificial Grass Football Pitch

Also another important thing is artificial grass in a synthetic football filed. Artificial grass is mufactured at Turkey in our Reform Sports Atificial Grass Factory. We are producing monofilament artificial grass, fibrilated synthetic turf and many other varied models of the yarns. 40mm, 50mm, 55mm and 60mm pile height artificial grass turf kinds are available. Please ask for artificial grass turf cost

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