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What are the Prices for Landscaping with Synthetic Turf?

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What is Landscaping with Synthetic Turf?

What are the Prices for Landscaping with Synthetic Turf? • Before we go into details about landscaping Synthetic Turf and its prices, let’s focus on the word “landscape”

In fact, “Landscaping” is what a beautiful word in terms of music and landscape. The origin of the word is French and written as “Paysage” and it means the “weald landscape “. Etymologically, it is based on the word “pagus” which means “weald” in Latin. It is a compound word in French. It consists of  two words, “pays” means “weald” and “age” means “country”. “Weald Country”, which reveals an imaginary integrity in terms of meaning in Turkish.

“Scenes of Weald Country”  is one of the great needs to returning our cities, which are like concrete stacks, into wealds. That means the “landscape “! … However, again due to concretisation, the cities have lost their natural air flow, utilization of plants from the sun’s rays opportunities limited in our city, thus the “landscaping Synthetic Turf “is  a wonderful solution for facility serves.

These green lawns are synthetic lawns that do not require maintenance or that can be landscaped without problems such as drying or  fading.

Of course, landscape is equipped with a much broader meaning. According to Wikipedia, landscape means “an area under the European Landscape Convention, as perceived by humans, whose character is the result of the action and interaction of natural or human elements ”.

In this respect it becomes an even more useful tool, landscaping Synthetic Turf. Moreover, its portable features allow it to be applied to any area (horizontal, vertical, oblique, rugged).

Prices of Landscaping with Synthetic Turf

The costs of Synthetic Turf coating determine the quality, density and quantity of the material used.

Flat decorative Synthetic Turf varies from 5mm pile length to 10mm pile length, which determines the amount of material used. Naturally, prices also increase in proportion to pile length. However, as wholesale purchases reduce unit costs during production, consumers can also benefit from this discount. There are also some special discounts and tax advantages in foreign purchases.

The landscaping artificial lawns used to form a garden are also divided into varieties with different pile lengths from 18mm to 55mm. Their prices vary in direct proportion to the pile lengths that determine the amount of material used. Again in this item, wholesale purchases and foreign purchases provide certain price advantages.

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