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What is ITF Professional Tennis Court Field Dimensions?

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What is ITF Professional Tennis Court Field Dimensions?

ITF Professional Tennis court pitches are fixed by ITF for professional competitions. Tennis field dimensions are 23,77m and 10,97m in the lines.

It is not enough to comply with the prescribed rules of the game while playing tennis. The tennis court on which the competitions take place must also comply with the standard field size specified by the ITF (International Tennis Federation). While the tennis court sizes for doubles and singles competitions are the same in general terms, there are minor differences.

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Couples Tennis Court Dimensions

The dimensions of the court should be “23.77 m” long and ,9 10.97 m ”wide, rectangular. The net, which divides the area in half, hangs on a rope or metal with a maximum diameter of 0.8 cm. Tennis net should be passed to the poles on both sides. The points where the poles are located should be positioned with their centers at a distance of 0.91 m from the sides of the site. The net height of the net should be 1.07 m and the medium height should be 0.91 m. The top level of the rope or metal cable on which the net hangs should be set to be 1 m and the white band covering this rope or metal cable should be 5-6.3 cm wide. It is forbidden to place advertising on the net, tape and poles.

What is the Tennis Court Lines Thickness?

The line forming the service areas by dividing the area between the service lines and the sideline lines into two equal parts is called the middle service line or the center mark. This border should be 5 cm wide and 10 cm long and drawn perpendicular to the baseline.

The width of the other lines in the field should be in the range of 2.5-5 cm and the width of the main lines should not exceed 10 cm. The fact that all lines are of the same color is one of the important conditions.

Singles Tennis Court Size

The area where the singles competitions will be held should be 23.77 m long and 8.23 m wide. The only difference is the width, all other dimensions are the same. Lines can be drawn in the same area for singles and pairs.

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What is ITF?

ITF is the abbreviation of International Tennis Federation in English, Turkish is “Uluslararası Tenis Federasyonu”.