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Important Information About Pitch Construction

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Important Information about Pitch Construction

People who want to get important information about Pitch Construction , first of all, they should learn the types of field. Accordingly, we want to give you some information from our experts in order to make it easier for you to learn which types of pitches, how they are made and what the conditions are.

What are the types of pitches?
Football pitches are divided into three main groups such as

  1. Outdoor pitches
  2. Indoorpitches
  3. Professional Synthetic Turf pitches

1- Outdoor Pitch Construction

One of the most preferred sports areas especially in summer is the open fields. Surrounded by 6-7m high, 3.5mm thick PVC coated wire mesh, where special field lighting is used, it is also possible to make matches at night. field lighting 400W halide projector or 150-200W LED projector can be preferred as. 55mm Synthetic Turf is preferred in outdoor pitches.
You can check out the 55mm fibril and monofilament Synthetic Turf models I produced by Reform Sports on our Synthetic Turf page.

2- Indoor Pitch Construction

These are indoor sports areas that you can prefer in winter to protect you from snow, rain or cold. You can see that the wind will not pass in these areas where the field is completely covered .

What are the types of indoor pitches?

  1. Tarped Pitch Construction
  2. Sheet-cladded indoor Pitch Construction
  3. PVC coated indoor Pitch Construction

Sheet coating, pvc coating or tarpaulin can be preferred to cover the site. The most affordable and widespread indoor pitch type stands out as canvas covered pitches. However, in snowy areas, we recommend the construction of sheet-covered indoor field. Static calculated steel construction should be used for indoor Pitch Construction . If less and weaker materials are used in the steel construction to reduce costs, there is a risk of collapse.

3- Professional Synthetic Turf Fields

Professional Synthetic Turf is applied to regular Football Pitchs. 55mm or 60mm artificial models are preferred as Synthetic Turf type. Official football competitions can be played in these fields. Fifa 1 Star and Fifa 2 Star certificate must be obtained for this. This type of floor is used twice as normal granules.

  1. 60mm Monofilament is used,
  2. Monofilament should also be vertebrate,
  3. Shock pad is placed under the instead of felt,
  4. The amount of granules should be around 14-15kg / m2,
  5. Green or grey EPDM granules are used.

Some Fifa 2 Star applications may require the installation of a shock pad under the . Such a ground is the highest level of synthetic turf ground. The features mentioned above are generally seen in Fifa 2 Star applications. (Important Information about Pitch Construction )

Synthetic Turf Selection in Pitch Construction

One of the most important factors in the preparation of the site is the selection of the ground. After the selection is made correctly, construction works will be started.

The Synthetic Turf ordered is produced and delivered in the Reform Sports factory within a maximum of 2 weeks..

The Synthetic Turf ordered is produced and delivered in the Reform Sports factory within a maximum of 2 weeks.

However, you must first decide the Synthetic Turf you choose according to some criteria. Synthetic Turf can be selected from standard fibril monochrome or dual color, monofilament monochrome or dual color models. You can choose from dozens of models in various pile lengths. We provide services such as touching, placing the homogeneous sand and granule filling and brushing the surface in a very high quality way for you.

To get information from the best quality  to the most suitable , you can first examine our Synthetic Turf page.

What are the best selling pitch Synthetic Turf models?

  1. DuoGrass double color fibrile 55mm Synthetic Turf
  2. Advantage Turf double color monofilament 55mm Synthetic Turf
  3. LSR Fibrile single color football Synthetic Turf 55mmm

You can contact us immediately to learn about the types of Synthetic Turf that will be used in indoor and outdoor Pitch Construction and the prices of these services. Different prices are determined according to yarn type, weaving density and pile length for Synthetic Turf produced for use in sports fields.

Other factors that will directly affect prices are the fact that a special is woven according to the wishes of the customers. For special weaving, it is necessary to order over a certain quantity.

Synthetic Turf Care

The Synthetic Turf floor needs periodic maintenance in the stages after the Pitch Construction is completed. Although this care is not as intense and frequent as natural Turf, Synthetic Turf is an important factor that extends the life of the floor.

How to care for synthetic turf Turf?

  • Periy Periodic brushing of Synthetic Turf (motorized brushing or manual),
  • Average granule fills the addition of 6 months,
  • Watering should be performed after sunset on hot days,
  • Glass fragments found in the field, cigarette butts, branches, stones, foreign substances such as gums should be cleaned every few weeks.

For more detailed field maintenance: Synthetic Turf Care and User Guide page.
You can contact us to get more and detailed information from this page which is a reference for everyone who wants to get important information about Pitch Construction .