How is Artificial Grass Made? Our Production Line

Got a question for how is artifical grass made because of quallity concerns? We offer our state-of-the-art production line.

Quality of artificial grass is a big problem. Most artificial turf types have single backing while our products have double backing. So our products are firm, easy to install, and more resistant grass.

Reform Sports Artificial Grass: From the Production Line to the World

Artificial Grass Production Line

Turfting Process Artificial Grass Production Line 1Production Line 1 – Tufting

Basically, two sources are processed together: yarn and backing. The yarn comes on spools. Backing cloth comes on rolls of 4 meters wide.

The first step is to bring yarn and backing cloth together. This process is called ‘tufting’.

At this step needles stitch the yarn from above into the backing. Once the yarns are sewn, the carpet is rolled automatically.

Production Line 2 – Back Coating

Backing Latex Artificial Grass Production Line 2In this step yarns are not adhered in their backing. You can grab a fiber on the bottom side of the backing easily. So backing’s bottom side must get a protective and adhesive layer.

A layer that coating of latex makes the yarns will stick to the backing. Machine is automatically applies the back coating of artificial grass.

We apply thicker back coating for our carpets to get higher quality synthetic turf products.

Production Line 3 – Drying

Drying Oven Artificial Grass Production Line 3Previous stage machine applied latex coating as liquid so we need a drying process of the coating.

Artificial grass goes straight into the long oven to dry. It advances automatically in the oven for a certain period of time.


Production Line 4 – Perforation

Our product is almost ready, but there are two shorter stages left. After drying artificial turf carpet needs to be perforated.

Perforation process is important because we need to drain rainwater from the synthetic grass surface. These holes applied about per every 20cm.

Production Line 5 – Rolling

4m Rolling Artificial Grass Production Line 5Synthetic grass is produced in special length for each project. Synthetic grass is wrapped in 4m wide rolls. Then they are packaged with nylon bags and labeled. Our labels include synthetic turf model, specifications and delivery details.

Our synthetic grass production line is open to all our customers. You can visit our factory in Turkey. Production capacity is 13 million square meters per year. The production area complies with European standards.

We try to explain “How is Artificial Grass Made” shortly in our post. But if you have further information about how is artificial grass made please ask us.

Quality of the material: Safe & Clean

And also our products contains no heavy metals. We use thread that are guaranteed to be clean and safe. Our yarns are produced exclusively in Europe, Chinese raw material is not used in our products.