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Synthetic Turf Tennis Court

The Synthetic Turf Tennis Court is built according to the standards set by the International Tennis Federation (ITF). According to these standards, the construction area of ​​the tennis court is determined as 36 meters in length and 18 meters in total and 668 square meters in total. Synthetic turf tennis courts can be built in any size needed for amateur use outside of international dimensions.

Reform Sports, which has gained expertise in the construction of Synthetic Turf Tennis Courts, performs the construction of synthetic tennis courts on a turnkey basis in as little as 3-4 weeks.

Synthetic Turf Tennis Court Construction

We produce synthetic grass in our factory in Çorlu, Tekirdağ on an area of ​​12.500 m². Annual production capacity of 13.000.000 m² synthetic grass; The latest technology production techniques and high quality European yarns are used.

Synthetic turf tennis courts can be made smaller than the area for amateur use except for 18mx36m. We have special tennis carpet models for the production of synthetic grass tennis courts. Our artificial grass tennis rug models are available from 15mm pile length to 30mm pile length. For tennis artificial turf carpet, our 26mm carpet model is preferred.

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Synthetic Turf Tennis Court Field Dimensions

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Construction Steps

  • Excavation: The tennis court is planned to be leveled and leveled. The foundation is excavated for the pattern of the beams that will travel all around the site.
  • Perimeter Beam Concrete: Beam is made by using 8 and 12 Q iron bars for beams.
  • Anchoring: In order to connect the main poles of the fence to be placed into the surrounding beams, 3 ank anchor pipes are placed on the balance at regular intervals .
  • Beam Concreting: Ready-mix concrete is poured in the form of BS 20 to the surrounding beams.
  • Drainage System: Drainage channels are opened to prevent water accumulation on the court. When the field drainage system is completed with the appropriate material, these channels are covered and the ground is reset.
  • Field Filling: The floor of the tennis court is covered with stone chips. (In the construction of Synthetic Grass Tennis Courts, concrete can be poured on the substrate as well as asphalt application. Here concrete application is explained as a sample construction process. )
  • Field Concreting: Ready-mixed concrete is poured on top of the crushed stone and polished thoroughly by “helicopter polishing ”method.
  • Support Poles for Fence: Vertical pole pipes are welded to the anchor pipes placed on the line and support pipes are attached on top, middle and horizontal.
  • Reinforcement Pipes for Fence: Diagonal reinforcement is applied to the horizontal pipes at all four corners. Vertical reinforcing pipes are mounted at regular intervals on vertical pipes on all four sides of the site .
  • Lighting: Lighting poles with ladders are located on the long sides of the tennis court. On the lighting poles, projectors in halide type in metal form with 400 W lighting capacity are placed. Electrical infrastructure and installations are installed in a way that can meet the energy requirements of the project safely and the projectors are brought into operation.
  • Door Installation: One hinged door is made.
  • Mesh and Poles: Considering the conformity of the court to the standards, the most suitable points for the mesh are determined. After the application of synthetic grass carpet covering, the poles are fixed in place.
  • Fence Stretching: The poles around the court are galvanized with 4 × 4 cm mesh spacing, galvanized and PVC coated wire mesh is stretched and the whole court circumference is returned to the fence. It is also secured with the help of steel ropes connected with terminals.
  • Grass Carpet Laying: Grass carpet application is performed on the ground where the concreting process is performed.
  • Reinforcement of Joints: Joints of artificial turf carpet are placed with two component polyurethane glue applied helmet’s cloth. This ensures that the joints are firmly adhered.
  • Creation of Court Lines: Court lines are cut in white or yellow according to the wishes and needs of the project owner and placed on the court in accordance with international norms.
  • Sandblasting: The tennis court sand produced from silica is poured on the synthetic grass carpet applied. With the brushing machine, the sand is thoroughly fed onto artificial turf and the tennis court is ready for events.


You can examine our products which can be used in Synthetic Grass Tennis Court Construction.

Tennis Court Construction Cost

Cost of Tennis Court Construction depends on whether the site is open or closed, the type of ground to be used, the size and location of the site will vary. To get a price according to your project, you can get an offer from us by specifying the details.