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Tartan Floor

PVP Wire Mesh

Iron Poles


Asphalt or Concrete

Tartan Floor Multi-Purpose Field

Tartan Floor Multi-Purpose Fields, the ground floor is used in tartan, basketball, volleyball and football, such as the field where many sports can be done together.

It is generally preferred for places like schools, housing estates, housing estates and is generally made in dimensions of 18x36m.

Reform Sports, which specializes in Tartan Ground Multi-Purpose Field Construction , performs multi-purpose fields on a turn-key basis within 3-4 weeks and presents them to you.

Tartan Floor Multi-Purpose Field Construction

We produce rubber in our factory located in Çorlu, Tekirdağ on an area of ​​12.500 m². In the rubber section which has an annual production capacity of 300.000 m²; Latest technology production techniques are used.
Tartan is made by overlapping a layer of two materials of polymer-based synthetic rubber group, referred to by SBR and EPDM abbreviations.

The thickness of these layers can vary according to the demand and need. The most commonly applied thickness is 8 mm SBR + 5 mm EPDM total 13 mm.

Of these synthetic rubbers applied in granules, SBR offers a flexible subfloor, while the EPDM forms a durable surface with a variety of colors.

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Tartan Floor Multi Purpose Field Measurements

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Construction Steps

  • Excavation: Carpet field will be made by taking the ground excavation is zero-coded.
  • The foundation is excavated around the site for the pattern of the surrounding beams.
  • Perimeter Beam Concrete: It is connected to the site in certain dimensions. Q 8 and 12 into the hood are made using wire mesh iron rods.
  • 3 ank anchor pipes will be placed in the surrounding beams at regular intervals .
  • BS 20 Ready-mixed concrete is poured into the surrounding molds.
  • After the surrounding concrete, gravel fill will be made to the field floor.
  • Concrete or asphalt is laid on Gravel Filling and a flat ground is provided
  • Vertical pole pipes shall be welded to the anchor pipes placed in the surrounding beams . Vertical, top, middle and horizontal pipes will be welded.
  • Diagonal reinforcement shall be applied to horizontal pipes at all four corners. Vertical reinforcement pipes shall be installed at intervals in accordance with the vertical pipes on the four sides of the site.
  • In order to reinforce the field construction , long edges and cross-“X” shaped cross pipes will be welded to the back of the castle.
  • For Lighting Poles Pipes perpendicular to the long sides of the site shall be manufactured with ladders.
  • 1 hinged door will be built on the site.
  • One Tennis Court Pole and Net will be installed.
  • After all iron production is done, it will be painted with the desired color with 2 layers of oil paint as 1 layer primer.
  • The area around the area will be covered with 4 × 4 cm mesh, dipped galvanized and PVC coated wire mesh.
  • After the wire mesh tensioning connection is made, the steel rope will be stretched. The tensioned steel ropes will be connected with the terminals .
  • 400 W Metal Halide projectors will be installed on the projected poles.
  • Electrical Installation up to the panel shall be installed and the Projectors shall be delivered in working condition.
  • Primer layer is first formed on concrete or asphalt ground.
  • Tartan floor is formed on the lining with the help of special paver .
  • Basketball and Volleyball game lines are drawn according to the created Tartan Floor dimensions.


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Multi-Purpose Sport Field Construction Cost

Multi-Purpose Site Construction Cost depends on whether the field is open or closed, the type of ground to be used, the size and location of the site will vary.
To get a price according to your project, you can get an offer from us by specifying the details.