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Regular Football Pitches

Regular Football Pitches • Regular Artificial Turf Fields are made in minimum 45x90m and maximum 90x120m according to international FIFA standards. FIFA standards should be tested in the field. An artificial Turf conforming to FIFA standards, certain dimensions and floors made to certain standards are entitled to receive “FIFA QUALITY” and “FIFA QUALITY PRO” certificates after the tests. Therefore, experienced teams are required for FIFA standards.

Reform Sports Regular Synthetic Turf Field infrastructure and superstructure experience, represent the Regular Football Pitch as a turn-key within 6-8 weeks.

Regular Football Pitch Construction

We produce carpet turf artificial turf in our 12.500 m² factory in Çorlu, Tekirdağ. Annual production capacity of artificial turf carpet is 13.000.000 m². The latest technology production techniques and high quality European yarns are used.
Our professional artificial Turf models for Regular Football Pitch Construction can be produced in 55mm and 60mm series in different colours. Our artificial turf is guaranteed for 7 years. All kinds of professional and amateur football competitions can be played on our professional artificial turf floors.
As Reform Sports, we have signed dozens of FIFA Certified fields. Our FIFA Certified Artificial Turf models are used in many fields both in Turkey and abroad.
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Regular Football Pitch Dimensions

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Construction Steps

  • The foundation is excavated around the site for the surrounding beams.
  • Moulds are connected to excavated beams. Stirrers are made into the mould by using 10 and 12 Q iron bars.
  • 4” anchor pipes shall be placed at certain intervals and placed in the surrounding beams .
  • BS 20 ready-mixed concrete is poured into iron-reinforced moulds.
  • The vertical pipes are welded to the anchor pipes placed in the perimeter beams and the upper, middle and horizontal pipes are welded to the vertical pipes.
  • Diagonal reinforcement shall be applied to horizontal pipes at all four corners. Suitable for vertical pipes on all four sides of the site Vertical reinforcement pipes shall be welded at intervals
  • In order to reinforce the field construction , long edges and cross-“X” shaped cross pipes will be welded to the back of the castle.
  • There will be 2 hinged doors on the site.
  • Two masts will be constructed. These productions will be manufactured from 114 × 3 thick pipes in accordance with regular dimensions.
  • After all iron production is done, it will be painted with the desired color with 2 layers of oil paint as 1 layer primer.
  • Fields around 50 × 50 mm eye range , 3.5 mm thickness, the dip will be covered with galvanized and PVC coated wire mesh.
  • After the connection is made by tensioning of wire mesh, the field will be tensioned steel cables 4 m long sides and behind the goal, stretched wire ropes at the terminals will be connected.
  • The play area will be surrounded by a concrete border.
  • A total of 4 Galvanized lighting poles with ladder platform shall be installed on the four sides of the Site for Lighting .
  • 1000W Metal Halide Projectors will be installed on the poles.
  • Soccer Field area will be built and the suitability of the ground for field construction will be determined. Natural ground herringbone code will be taken and corrected. The ground will be firmly clamped.
  • In order to form the site drainage system, 50 cm wide and 50 cm deep awning channels will be opened to the compressed natural ground at regular intervals. In addition, the canals will be opened around the field in the same way, the channels will be inclined.
  • Felt will be laid in the opened ducts and sand cushion will be formed and drainflex pipes will be placed, then will be closed in the form of bundles.
  • Gravel fill is made on the floor where Drainflex pipes are placed.
  • 5 water collection logos will be built around the site, 1 main and 4 subordinates.
  • Irrigation logos, water springs and water tanks will be constructed for the field irrigation system.
  • Gravel anodes are laid and hand gauge will be drawn.
  • The gauged floor will be compacted with a roller and brought to the stage where the Turf will be laid.
  • Completely felt is laid on the ground surface.
  • Turf is laid on the floor.
  • The glue of the glued helmet is placed at the joints of the laid Turf and the joints are adhered thoroughly.
  • Adhesive used in helmet’s cloth will be double component Polyurethane.
  • The field lines are optionally cut into white or yellow and placed in accordance with the measurements. The area between the corner and crown lines and the wire mesh shall be woven on the tile-colored carpet.
  • Sieved, washed, baked silica sand will be fed into the carpet with Special Sand pouring and brushing machine.
  • The granules will be fed with special machine and the game will be played.


Regular Football Pitch You can review our products you can use in construction .

Regular Football Pitch Construction Cost

Artificial Turf Field Construction Cost; whether the field is open or closed, the type of artificial turf to be used, the size and location of the field will vary. To get a price according to your project, you can get an offer from us by specifying the details.