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Outdoor Football Pitches

Outdoor Football Pitches • The Outdoor Astroturf and Mini Football Pitch is a system, in which the sides are covered with wire mesh and the roof is covered with netting, where third generation synthetic turfs are used on the ground. The dimensions for synthetic turf construction vary. Outdoor Astroturf is commonly made in sizes ranging from 20x40m to 30x50m.

Reform Sports’s expert and experienced team perform and deliver  the Outdoor Astroturf on a turnkey basis within 4 weeks.

Outdoor Football Pitch Construction

We produce artificial turf in our 12.500 m² factory in Çorlu, Tekirdağ. Annual production capacity of artificial turf is 13.000.000 m². The latest technology production techniques and high quality European yarns are used.
Our artificial turf models for outdoor football pitches’ construction can be produced in different dimensions as  as 40mm, 50mm, 55mm and 60mm. Generally, 55mm artificial turf is preferred in the football pitches’ construction. Our artificial turf models can be produces as to be  made of monofilament and fibril yarn in single and double colours.
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Football Pitch Dimensions

  • 18m * 36m = 648 m² (Multi purpose)
  • 20m * 40m = 800 m²
  • 25m * 40m = 1000 m²
  • 25m * 45m = 1125 m²
  • 27m * 47m = 1269 m²
  • 30m * 50m = 1500 m²
  • 32m * 52m = 1664 m²

The most suitable synthetic turfs  are considered to be approximately 30m * 50m. Larger pitches are not suitable for commercial use and for amateur football fans.
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Outdoor Football Pitch Construction Cost

The cost of synthetic turf construction primarily affects the dimensions of the open synthetic turf. Commercial outdoor astroturfs are built to be the smallest 20mx40m. The most ideal astroturf is 30mx50m. s in Turkey in the most widely used measure 30mx50m field are preferred.

What are the factors that affect the cost of astroturf?

  • Artificial turf  model also affects the cost of astroturf. Prices of synthetic turfs vary with factors such as fibril, monofilament, pile length, frequency, vertebrate.
  • In addition, the choice of synthetic turf lighting as LED is one of the factors that increase the price. Although the initial cost of LED lighting is very high, it pays for itself in as little as one and a half years. 100W LED projector will be enough instead of 400W halide projector.
  • Artificial turf granules thrown on the field also affects the cost of the field. The use of high quality grey granules or green granules instead of black SBR granules is another factor that increases the price.

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Outdoor Football Pitch Construction

  • Excavation: Astroturf will be made by taking the ground excavation is made to zero code. The foundation is excavated around the site for the pattern of the surrounding beams.
  • Perimeter Beam Concrete: It is connected to the site in certain dimensions. Mesh is made by using 8 and 12 Q iron bars.
  • Drainage pipes with a depth of 30 cm will be installed at certain intervals after the iron mat is placed to discharge the surface water. It is important to note that the inclination of the drain pipes is inclined outwards.
  • 3” anchor pipes will be placed in the surrounding beams at regular intervals.
  • BS 20 Ready-mixed concrete is poured into the surrounding molds.
  • After the surrounding concrete, gravel fill will be made to the field floor.
  • Vertical pole pipes shall be welded to the anchor pipes placed in the surrounding beams. Vertical, top, middle and horizontal pipes will be welded.
  • Diagonal reinforcement shall be applied to horizontal pipes at all four corners. Vertical reinforcement pipes shall be installed at suitable intervals for vertical pipes on all four sides of the site.
  • In order to reinforce the site construction, long edges and cross-section ular X ”shaped cross-pipes will be welded.
  • For Lighting Poles Pipes perpendicular to the long sides of the site shall be manufactured with ladders.
  • 1 hinged door will be built on the site.
  • Two masts will be constructed.
  • After all iron production is done, it will be painted with the desired color with 2 layers of oil paint, one layer of primer.
  • The area will be covered with 5 × 5 cm mesh, 3.6 mm wall thickness, dipped galvanized and PVC coated wire mesh.
  • After the wire mesh tensioning connection is made, the steel rope will be tensioned, the tensioned steel ropes will be connected with the terminals.
  • The sides of the field will be covered with a mesh made of polyamide yarn with a mesh size of 12x12cm.
  • The field will be covered with a mesh made of polyamide yarn with a mesh size of 15 × 15 cm.
  • The castles shall be covered with a mesh made of 4 mm polyamide yarn in a 12×12 cm mesh.
  • 400 W Metal Halide projectors will be installed on the manufactured poles.
  • Electrical Installation up to the panel and the projectors will be delivered in working condition.
  • Completely felt is laid on the ground surface.
  • Grass Carpet is laid on the floor.
  • The glue of the glued helmet is placed on the joints of the laid Grass Carpet and the joints are adhered thoroughly.
  • Adhesive used in helmet’s cloth will be double component Polyurethane.
  • Field lines are optionally cut into white or yellow and placed in accordance with the measurements. The area between the corners and crown lines and the wire mesh shall be woven on the tile-colored carpet.
  • Sieved, washed, baked silica sand will be fed into the carpet by Special Sand pouring and brushing machine.
  • The granules will be fed with special machine and the game will be played.


You can examine our products that you can use in Open Astroturf Construction.

Outdoor Football Pitch Construction Cost

Artificial Grass Astroturf Construction Cost; whether the field is open or closed, the type of artificial turf to be used, the size and location of the field will vary. To get a price according to your project, you can get an offer from us by specifying the details.