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Polyurethane Athletics Track

The Polyurethane Athletics Track, synthetic coating, must be made in accordance with the norms of the German Standards Organization DIN and the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), which set the technical standards of the European Union.

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Polyurethane Athletics Track Construction

Polyurethane Track and Field – Both engineering and sporting standards are taken into consideration in the construction of track and field tracks. PU athletics tracks, according to DIN and IAAF standards 13 mm on the polyurethane layer, EPDM granule bed with 4 mm polyurethane coating in total 17 mm. thickness with compact system.

Athletic tracks with polyurethane flooring, suitable for professional organizations, allow competitions to be held in all weather conditions. Therefore, they can host sports events as outdoor athletics tracks that can be used in all seasons.

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Polyurethane Track Size Measurements

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Construction Steps

A- Asphalt Ground:

First of all, the codes of the area where the track will be built are taken. Its leveling is carried out with a suitable slope. The roller is compacted by crushing the ground thoroughly. Plentmix fill with finisher is laid on the compacted soil floor in a thickness of 10 cm. This filling should be composed of stones and pebbles that do not pass through a NO: 4 (4.75 mm) sieve, also called ‘coarse chippings’. Another criterion to be considered in this layer is that the amount of the so-called ‘leafy’ grains of more than 2 times its width should not exceed 29% by weight of the total coarse aggregate. Then, the sequence is followed by the application of the filler material, which is also referred to as filler  and passes through a NO: 4 (4.75 mm) sieve.

Plantmix, which is blended with coarse, fine fillings and elephants and water thoroughly mixed, is laid by keeping the slope given while laying the ground stone base layer. After the material is completely dry and hardened, the leveling and rolling stage is started. This process continues until a smooth and homogeneous appearance is obtained. The inclines required to discharge water to the inner edge and the long edge of the athletics track will be formed during the laying of this plentmix layer. The ‘asphalt binder layer’ to be made on the base layer of Plantmix should be 6 cm. The  wear layer aggregate to be laid on it should be applied with a thickness of 4 cm.

Asphalt binder layer; concrete asphalt, mineral aggregate and mineral fillers and as a hot binder is a mixture of all materials. The abrasion layer is the mixture obtained by mixing the binder crude oil based asphalt cement with mineral agra while it is hot.

When carrying out the operations at these stages of the runway, it should be observed in accordance with the Technical Specifications of the Highways. Binder asphalt and wear layers should be laid with an asphalt spreader that can move with its own power. The spreader shall have the ability to distribute, spread, correct and partially compress (at least 85%) the mixture without leaking. Vibratory rollers of appropriate weight and vibration shall also be used in the compaction of these synthetic mixtures laid hot on the base fillings.

One of the standards set for the formation of puddles on the track is related to the slope of the track. It is necessary to give a slope of 0.5 – 0.7% towards the inner line of the runway. On the sloping lower part of the runway, the water channel with cover should be installed. Furthermore, care should be taken to ensure that there are no code differences on the ground in order to avoid puddles in the runway and that the final surface must not fluctuate more than 3 mm in the 4 m plane according to DIN 18035 norms. If more fluctuations occur, these gaps must be filled with a mixture of pure polyurethane and quartz sand before the synthetic coating step and the runway must be completely leveled.

B- Concrete Floor: (If the asphalt cannot be provided in the area where the athletics track will be made, concrete can be applied.)

If it is planned to use concrete as a subfloor in the area to be coated with polyurethane; concrete should be BS 18 in accordance with Turkish Standards. In terms of compressive and weather resistance, at least 360 kilograms of cement should be used in the cement mixture with thoroughly washed and sieved aggregate.

The required number of samples should be taken from the concrete in order to measure the resistance to heat exchange.

To increase the strength, Q 131xQ 131 mesh steel should be applied as reinforcement into the concrete. 10 cm thick concrete casting process, after giving enough slope propeller polishing, smooth surface should be provided. There should be no fluctuations exceeding 3 mm in the 4 m plane according to DIN norms on the concrete subfloor surface. In the concrete in question, the areas which are more error than the norms should be brought to the proper code by self-leveling screed application.

The polyurethane flooring stage should be started after the concrete moisture level has decreased to 5% by making measurements with the related devices.

Polyurethane Floor Coating

At this stage, the German Standard DIN-18035/6 criteria and the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) standards should be taken into consideration. The conformity of the manufacturing to the standards should be documented.

Apply primer to the substrate. After the primer application is cured, the production of polyurethane based synthetic coating is started. Synthetic coating consists of three layers, but comes to a monoblock structure. The bottom base system consisting of black SBR granules thoroughly mixed with two-component polyurethane continues to be applied until it reaches a thickness of 10 mm. After curing the base material, making the necessary controls and determining the areas to be modified if any, the problem is solved, the tile system is pure polyurethane binder on the base color and has a diameter of 1 to 4 mm, tensile strength> 7.0 N / mm², tensile strength> 650%, hardness Shore A 62, EPDM granules with ozone resistance of 200PPHM. When these processes are finished, the final thickness of the coating should be 13 mm.

The middle layer of the system should be shock absorbing and the density of the material to be used in this layer should be 1,17 g / cm³. The density of the polyurethane material to be used in the first and last layer should not be less than 1,17 g / cm³ and ‘Shore A’ hardness degree should be 50 ± 5 and finally viscosity should be 3000 ± 600 mPa.

The compliance of the product with the health conditions should be documented by the toxicology report to be obtained from the health institutions in the country where the EPDM manufacturer is used .

EPDM granules should be poured by shovel or other method when the material is not cured yet, using a polyurethane coating by hand or rubber screed spreading apparatus with suitable nail size. It should be ensured that the granules penetrate the entire coating in a homogenous manner. After the complete Polyurethane Athletic Track production is completed, the remaining granules on the surface should be swept and cleaned of the runway and finally, with the help of special line paints, lane lines should be added.

The entire system, according to IAAF technical specifications, the power absorption property shall not be less than 35%, standard deformation 1.1, resistance to studded shoe to DIN 18035/6, ​​class 1, waterproof, tensile strength 0.55 N / nmm², tensile strength% 54.

Athletics Track Cost

Athletics Track Construction Cost; It depends on the type and thickness of the ground to be used, the size and location of the site to be built. To get a price according to your project, you can get an offer from us by specifying the details.