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Pitch Construction • Sports Systems astroturf reform of Turkey’s leading company in the construction; Continues its services on 5 continents. Except for the construction of astroturf, Fine IFA approved regular Synthetic Turf pitches , IAAF approved athletics track, the ITF approved tennis courts and sports complexes have also built reforms that Sports is Turkey’s window to the world.

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Reform Sports, which makes quality the most important principle with its expert technical staff, produces most of the materials used in sports facilities in its own factory in Çorlu. Therefore, since there is no intermediary company in the meantime, it offers quite reasonable prices to its customers.

Pitch Construction is very professional. Therefore, the ground survey must be performed with zero error before the construction of the field. According to the location of the facility to be made special reporting is prepared, carefully prepared static calculations, the main template is created and cost work is done.

Many companies use the same template in many places. This is extremely wrong. For example, a made in Şanlıurfa cannot be used in a project in Ağrı. Climatic conditions, vegetation differences, soil types, precipitation status, fault line and so on. many specific calculations are required. The selection of materials to be used in the construction of the field is also the result of these calculations.

Indoor Pitch Construction / Outdoor Pitch Construction

If we list the items as  Pitch Construction;

1- Plan stage

2- Beam excavation phase

3- Skeleton preparation stage

4- Lighting stage

5- Network laying stage

6- Gravel spreading stage

7- Floor covering of artificial synthetic turf

Pitch Construction Stages Detailed Description


First of all, the location of the field is transferred to the project for drawing the  field. Drawing in a digital environment is more suitable for basic image and calculations. Thanks to the program, the drawing and planning of the  field is shown to the receiving person and the work is done after approval. The floor is brought to the ‘0’ elevation by application work and if compaction is required, it is compacted by roller.


The excavation of the surrounding beams is made and after it is tied with iron stirrups, it is placed in the moulds that are excavated and the anchor pipes are placed according to the wire mesh system and the concrete pouring process is started. Concrete with BS20 compressive strength classes is used and allowed to dry after the concrete casting is finished. Then the moulds are removed.


The iron – wire mesh system is built on anchor pipes fixed in accordance with the project with vertical records and the horizontal records are welded to the verticals according to the details of the project and then the wire mesh is assembled. Steel rope is used for carrying and tensioning the wire mesh system. After the preparation of the skeleton, it is necessary to proceed to the lighting process required for  Pitch Construction .

In addition, the service door to be added to the field is applied at this stage and the entrances and exits are provided in a controlled manner. Dark green tones may be preferred for painting of steel constructions.


According to the lighting systems agreed at the planning stage, the poles are erected for the lighting systems to be applied to certain locations of the site. It is recommended to use strong systems for lighting. Especially in the evening hours, the negative conditions caused by the lack of light are prevented.

After the lighting process is completed, the electrical installation is done and the electrical system is laid by hiding so that no cable is left in the middle. At the same time, it is necessary to take the necessary precautions according to rain and other harsh weather conditions in order to prevent the electrical installations from being affected. Optionally, the installation of the scoreboard during the  Pitch Construction  can also be performed at this stage.

You can protect your lighting against power outages with powerful generators. In this way, both competitions do not stop and your products are not adversely affected by the continuous increase or decrease of your lighting systems.


The application of wire fences and nets to be applied around the  field is performed. After applying with wires up to a certain height, the remaining high areas are indoor with nets so that the balls do not go out of the field. Usually over 5 meters and the ceiling is recommended to be surrounded by nets.


In the Pitch Construction, the ground elevations are adjusted and 20 cm thickness 3 gravel chips are laid and compacted with the help of cylinder. Then, 10 cm thick gravel No. 1 is brought to the field of masters in order to prevent undulation especially the name of the process is called ground regulation or gauging.


After the gauging process, felt and Synthetic Turf is laid. After the playground lines are drawn, our field is made ready by sand and granule throwing process.

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