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Indoor Pitch Construction Stages and Technical Information

kapali hali saha yapimi asamalari ve teknik bilgiler

Indoor Pitch Construction Stages and Technical Information

Indoor Pitch Construction Stages and Technical Information • The indoor pitches are briefly as follows; infrastructure arrangements, the construction of steel construction,  field tarpaulin stretch, Synthetic Turf   installation and installation of projectors. Construction works such as changing rooms and cafeterias are not included in the indoor site installation.

There are a number of predetermined methods that must be followed during the construction of the indoor  field. First of all, a person who has knowledge and experience on this subject should check the suitability of the floor before a indoor  pitch is made. If the floor is suitable, the construction of the  pitch should be decided and as a second step the start and end dates of the indoor  pitch should be determined.

Indoor  Pitch Construction Stages

1- Infrastructure Regulations

Infrastructure works are one of the most important factors in indoor or outdoor areas. The first step of a healthy covered  field is an earthquake resistant beams concrete and well compacted gravel floor. On a well-groomed ground, the Synthetic Turf   fits much better, and footballers can make quality competitions.

2- Steel Construction

The construction of indoor area steel construction is primarily an engineering subject. As Reform Sports, we produce steel construction indoor field projects in line with the static projects made by our engineers.

The construction can be produced in two ways with two scissors. At this stage, the installation of pvc coated wire mesh and  field nets are completed. • Indoor Pitch Construction Stages and Technical Information

kapali hali saha celik konstruksiyon

3- Indoor Field Tarpaulin

The tarpaulins of the indoor fields are produced specially. These special tarpaulins are produced in 1100 denier and 650 gr / square meter. It is also resistant to fading due to UV resistance and sunlight. If normal tarpaulin is used, you may experience fading and tearing within 2-3 years. One of the most tricks of the companies that make  pitches is to steal from the tonnage of the steel construction and use poor quality canvas.

4- Turf Making

Turf  floor construction is the most important stage of the Football Pitch. We have been serving you for many years as Reform Sports Synthetic Turf manufacturer for the selection of the best quality Turf . The most common floor types used in commercial  pitches are 55mm DuoTurf Synthetic Turf  and 55mm Advantage Turf monofilament Synthetic Turf.

5- Lighting System

With regard to lighting, an open  can save more easily and get more light than the pitch. If we need to talk about its physical dimension, light spreads through obstacles. This is why the right of the placed projectors, saving both unforgettable as well as directly in the field will be illuminated in the best way. Using 200W LED projectors instead of 400W halide projectors will save you money in the long run.

Information About Indoor Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance in enclosed spaces, people often forget the steel construction. Construction maintenance is an issue that should never be neglected. After a period of ten years, construction painting and tarpaulin replacement may be required.

Of course, lawn  maintenance is a sine qua non of a  field maintenance. It should be brushed and watered occasionally every few weeks. It should be added when the granule is missing.

You can get information from our company for periodic field maintenance.

How can I trust the firms that do indoor pitches?

Trust is an important factor when it comes to trading. Gaining confidence and researching the company without expensive investment like indoor fields is one of the most important stages.

Why is it so expensive? Why so cheap? Or you can call a few companies instead of preoccupied with questions such as poor quality and make the right decision by talking with old references.

Once the start and end date of the project is determined, the next step is to find a indoor company, asking for help from someone who has knowledge and experience about this subject before trusting the company you will find, examining the projects that the company / companies have done before You can easily question the trust and quality of the firm you will agree for the construction of  pitches by making moves like meeting one-to-one with his / her projects.

Astroturf who make your mind satisfied but there are still question marks item will help you to comfort your insides are a few more steps to priority. You can ask the company you are considering the agreement to the thickness of the wire mesh, if necessary, to the brand of the paint they use. Then you can easily learn the brand and quality of these materials even from the internet.

Then you can get information about how long the company has been serving in the sector, of course the service year and the number of references are also important. And finally the staff… It may be useful to ask and research the personnel who will work during the construction of the firm’s indoor  field. Quality craftsmanship is as important as materials in this type of work.

For more information about Indoor  Pitch Construction , you can get information from the marketing department by phone or e-mail.