A Brief History of Artificial Turf and All Generations

In our article about the historical development and use of grass carpet you can find what you want to learn about past of the artificial turf and all generations till 3G artificial grass.

What is the artificial turf? Why is it manufactured?

Artificial turf was manufactured by virtue of use limits of natural grass especially due to the climate conditions. The first use of in football fields began in the 1960s, but the artificial turf of that period was not sufficient to play football. Artificial turf is an alternative to the natural grass and  both are equivalent when compared to two products in terms of many features. UV coming from the sun, falling rain, etc., with its resistance to many influences, we can even say that artificial turf is superior to natural grass for football.

Using Artificial Turf in FIFA

According to FIFA conditions, the use of artificial turf is almost based on the days when it was invented. FIFA started its first trials in England in 1960. Over time, as technology developed, certain standards were created and it allowed it to be used.

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Historical Development of Artificial Turf

I. and II. Generation Artificial Turf Fields

The first artificial turf fields, which were started manufacture in the 1950s and used in the fields in the 1960s, increased injuries, tired the athletes based on the ground because they were less slippery than natural grass and football players training on the first generation were severely exposed to muscle and ligaments injuries.

The second generation of grass, which started manufacture in 1980, was gone into production with a great expectation but when compared to the I. generation it was not given approval by FIFA and UEFA due to not much of a solution about injuries and ground hardness problems.

III. Generation Artificial Turf (3G Artificial Turf)

In the late 1990s, according to observations made on artificial turf fields generally used by teams under the age of 17, it outdistanced not only I. and II. generation but also the natural grass in less risk of injury and UV rays resistance.

By the year 2003, III. Generation Artificial Turf ( 3G Turf )or in other words Synthetic Turf Fields started to be used by all of Europe’s major football clubs, was carrying a less risk of injury than natural grass according to research conducted.

Especially the research conducted by Dr. Ekstrand in the year 2005, revealed that Swedish Premier League players who still use natural grass in the period suffered more injuries compared to players playing football in synthetic turf fields in Europe.