artificial turf stadium construction companies

Artificial Turf Stadium Construction Companies

The question of “What makes a stadium successful?” is an easy to answer: artificial grass! Playing fields with natural grass are the classics in grass sports and at the same time the benchmark for function and usage properties. All new developments must be measured against this in terms of their elasticity, play and rebound behavior and the absorption of mechanical forces. Equally important are good shear strength and a stable turf cover. We as Reform Spor build artificial grass football…
how long does it take to construct artificial grass field construction

How Long Does It Take To Construct Artificial Grass Field Construction?

Installing artificial grass football pitch from scracth in your area, community or business is relatively quick and easy. As long as the surface is level enough or can be made, artificial turf can be laid almost anywhere. Round shapes, colored designs or openings for plants… it’s up to you. The construction of an artificial turf sports field takes six to eight weeks on average. Depending on the type of sport and use, a specific structure, infill material (envirofill, sand, rubber)…
padel tennis courts constructions

Padel Tennis Courts Constructions

Padel Tennis Courts Constructions You or your club board are enthusiastic about padel and have decided to tackle the padel project and build one or more padel courts – probably with you as project manager! You are already faced with a huge mountain of research, different information and technical details. All of this can be pretty intimidating. But as is so often the case in life, everything is not eaten as hot as it is cooked. Here we will tell…
running track features

Running Track Features

Table of Contents Toggle Running Track FeaturesRunning for relaxationMeasure running distance using apps and tools Running Track Features Some run to leave everyday life behind. Others want to lose pounds. And still others train for the next marathon. But as different as the motivations for running are: when it comes to planning the running route, everyone wants a route that is fun and suits the level of performance. We give you tips on how to create your ideal running route.…
planning construction of padel court

Planning Construction of Padel Court

Table of Contents Toggle Planning Construction of Padel CourtPadel Court: The equipment of the sports facility Planning Construction of Padel Court The most common floor covering for padel courts, which is also used in national and international tournaments, is artificial turf. However, the FIP does not categorically rule out the use of other types of flooring, as can be seen from the association’s requirements: “The surface of the playing field should be made of porous concrete or cement, synthetic material…
innovative hybrid turf systems

Innovative Hybrid Turf Systems

Table of Contents Toggle Innovative Hybrid Turf Systems Costs of Hybrid Turf Field ConstructionAdvantages of an artificial grass pitch Innovative Hybrid Turf Systems  Natural grass grows by up to one centimeter every year due to the accumulation of dead leaves between the plants. This means that the plastic fibers have too little fiber overhang. To ensure a reliably functioning system, this part should be removed annually. For this purpose, the superficial felt is removed from the system with a Koro Fieldtopmaker…
effective use of hybrid turf in football fields

Effective Use of Hybrid Turf in Football Fields

There are various construction methods and processes that can be used to convert a soccer field into a hybrid grass pitch. A hybrid base layer with synthetic fibers mixed in, the installation of a synthetic mat or the implantation of synthetic fibers are the three most common variants. The choice of hybrid turf system depends on the usage concept of the sports facility and should be defined at an early stage. Different uses and demands on the lawn lead to…
different specifications on football stadium construction

Specifications for Football Stadium Construction

Table of Contents Toggle Different Specifications on Football Stadium ConstructionAccording to a strict lineThe DFB and UEFA prescribe different dimensions for the turf patternCosts of Building a Stadium Different Specifications on Football Stadium Construction Football is a national sport. No matter where in the world – from the southern tip of South America to the mountains of Nepal – people play and enjoy football. Football is played according to the same rules all over the world. In its current form…