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Synthetic Turf Glossary

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Synthetic Turf Glossary

Synthetic Turf Adhesive • Synthetic Turf Glossary

Industrial adhesives are used to combine products that are not available in household appliances stores, synthetic turf seams and spacers. Synthetic Turf adhesives should be applied by experienced professional installers. Adhesives should form a strong, non-hazardous and durable bond between adjacent Turf rolls or sections and be available for installation in varying weather conditions. The adhesive should also be water, fungus and mould resistant. Synthetic Turf adhesives include one-sided adhesives (urethane), two-part (epoxy or urethane), hot-melt and water-based (latex).

Gravel Floor • Synthetic Turf Glossary

Gravel base on which Synthetic Turf is mounted provides a structurally sound foundation for Pitch Construction  and an environment for drainage of the area. The base is designed to ensure that it never moves once the area is in place. A good geotechnical report will provide the necessary information for a solid and solid foundation for synthetic turf.

Antimicrobial Additive • Synthetic Turf Glossary

It is an agent that kills germs. It may be effective on bacteria and / or fungi. Topically, it can be applied to fibre yarns or padding during production.

Antistatic Properties • Synthetic Turf Glossary

Resistance of synthetic turf to the tendency to produce frustrating electric shocks in situations where soles friction generate static electricity in low humidity conditions.

Angled Ball Tab • Synthetic Turf Glossary

It is one of the Synthetic Turf Test Methods and tests the previous and next conditions when the ball bounces at a 45 degree angle. This test is one of the test methods for determining whether the surface is hard or soft compared to standards.

Synthetic Turf  • Synthetic Turf Glossary

Although it is a registered trademark for Synthetic Turf products developed in the 1960s and established at Astrodome in Texas, the word  “Astroturf” is generally used abroad in the sense of turf .

Back Covering • Synthetic Turf Glossary

Unlike the Turf  face, it covers the back of synthetic turf. The adhesive backing corresponds to urethane or latex coating. The lawn tread also refers to stabilizing tread fabrics used to secure Synthetic Turf tufts.

Top-Surface Interaction • Synthetic Turf Glossary

The ball-surface interaction defines the performance characteristics of the ground related to the way the ball reacts to the surface. It is important to be as close as possible to the best performance characteristics for football or sports played on the field. Therefore, vertical ball recoil and angled ball recoil are taken to compare the standards of the regulatory organization and its publications that apply to each sport.