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Pitch Construction Cost

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Pitch Construction Cost depends on many factors such as indoor or outdoor pitch preference, Synthetic Turf selection, granule type, LED lighting or normal lighting preference .

Just as prices cannot be determined directly in the construction of a house, requests, needs and condition of the land, the number of floors are prepared in lists by determining the prices are determined in the construction of Synthetic Turf Football Pitch.

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The cost of construction of the open  field and the construction cost of the indoor  field are different due to the different processes applied during the construction. In addition, you will appreciate that for the construction of the  field, determine the material to be spent according to the size of the field, test the strength of the ground by checking the ground, and if necessary, the necessary improvement works and the materials to be used in these studies should be calculated.

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Certain requirements must be determined to calculate the  pitch cost. Providing services in standard packages is unlikely due to environmental variability, ground variability and variability of buyer requests. • Pitch Construction Cost

Some people are considering making  pitches as an investment and others as an additional source of income. So let us give you information about what it takes to calculate the cost of  Pitch Construction .

What are the Factors Affecting the Cost of Pitch Construction ?

Synthetic Turf  Selection

Since synthetic turf is priced according to its model and features, there are different m2 prices according to its alternatives. The price of synthetic turf that you specify according to your needs is also among the factors that make up the cost and the price of synthetic turf affects the total cost in certain proportions. • Pitch Construction Cost

Synthetic Turf Properties

For example, our monofilament Synthetic Turf models can be preferred with 60mm keel. These floor models are from our 3rd generation 3G Turf products and they are a few euros more expensive than our fibrile models. Ultra Spine is one of our best quality models.

You can choose one of our 50mm or 55mm Synthetic Turf fibril to make a suitable choice. LSR-X is one of our most affordable products.

FIFA Synthetic Turf

FIFA certified synthetic turf is required for professional football competitions. FIFA has specific standards for this. FIFA 1 Star or FIFA 2 Star certificate is applied to the artificial synthetic turf ground after some FIFA tests are applied as Synthetic Turf must be approved by FIFA laboratories.
The fact that large pitches are FIFA certified is a factor affecting the cost. In such fields, the granule content is higher and there is an additional cost of 8000 – 10.000 € for the tests.
You can read about Fifa’s synthetic turf from the link:

Astroturf Infrastructure Cost

For the construction of the Football Pitch, infrastructure materials must be calculated. First of all, the size of the area where the area will be established allows the determination of the ratio of materials to be used in the infrastructure, albeit at a minimum. Infrastructure pricing is the first item that stands out in terms of pitch costs.

Steel Construction Properties

Steel or iron construction materials to be used in Pitch Construction are priced according to the type. The desire to use steel and iron also leads to two different costs. The calculation of static load by construction and carriers, calculation of static values by calculating climatic variables such as wind and snow load and projecting the most appropriate system are other factors that affect the cost.

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Ground Control

First of all, as Reform Sport, we control the environment and the region to determine the price of production. It is necessary to check whether the ground is intact or prevent collapse during application. The use of barriers and materials is also one of the factors that determine cost.
Another factor to be observed during the soil survey is the high costs incurred by very sloping lands. Too much excavation, excavation and large retaining wall may be required in sloping lands.

 Field Lighting Types

Another factor affecting the cost of  field is the lighting systems to be used. The lighting system you want to create a brighter platform increases the cost, while the desired systems can keep the cost constant. Although it is not preferred to use LED lighting, which is economical and long-lasting, in addition to the intensity of the lighting, it is one of the factors affecting the cost.

 Electrical Systems

Although the systems prepared on electricity are stable, the extra features and functions you want on the electrical panels are among the factors that can increase your cost. Electrical installation is another factor affecting the cost of  Pitch Construction . It is a cheaper system to have all the lights of the  field connected to a single fuse, but more cost is incurred if a single fuse is connected to each projector.

Canvas – PVC Panel – Sheet – Fibroser

If you want to have an idea about the cost of indoor  field, you should know that the tarpaulin fabric to be used in the closure of the  field will affect the cost in addition to the above factors. In addition, the preferred PVC Panel system, sheet closing and fibroser products and the variability in the construction structures to be used in the project are also cost effective factors. • Pitch Construction Cost

Field Cost External Factors

When it comes to  pitch costs, external factors also affect the cost of synthetic turf football pitch construction. As Reform Sports, we do not undertake construction works other than  Pitch Construction . We recommend that you do this type of work with local construction companies in the region. External factors are briefly discussed below;

 Pitch dressing rooms and shower areas

Dressing rooms, shower areas and the point that for how many people the place will be, are the major factors affecting your cost. This part can be constructed as expensive or cheap according to the customer’s wishes.

 Field Cafeteria Area

The cafeteria areas, which are a good source of income especially for outdoor  pitches, also serve as a market where the audience can buy their needs. Although the costs of  pitches generally do not cover this, as Reform Sports, cafeteria structures can be included in the prices at an extra cost according to your wishes. • Pitch Construction Cost

 Field Landscaping

The landscaping of an unoccupied and never regulated land, although not often considered within the costs, also constitutes a significant additional expense for the commercial facility to be built.