Artificial Grass Turkey Price & Types of Turf

Artificial grass and sports flooring range of products are produced in Turkey. ReformSports produces and exports sports floors. Our products are Turkish and most of our raw material is European.

What are Turkish Artificial Grass Prices?

What is Turkish artificial turf cost? What are Turkish artificial grass prices? To find answers to these questions, you can email the manufacturer ReformSports. We will send you a quote for the sports grounds as soon as possible.

What is the Cost of Construction of Sports Fields?

ReformSports builds sports fields all over the world. You can learn the cost of construction of the field if you inform us by e-mail about the sports field type and the country to be built.

What are the types of artificial turf produced?

Our artificial turf manufacturing plant in Turkey, produces various types of artificial grass. The range of artificial turf products is divided into two main groups; sports artificial turf and decorative artificial turf carpet.

Sports Artificial Grass Prices:

Turkish artificial turf prices vary according to the variety of products and according to the height of the pile. Sports artificial turf products are priced according to thread height and pile height. Yarn types are monofilament and fiber. The pile height can be 40mm, 50mm, 55mm and 60mm.

Decorative Artificial Grass Carpet Prices:

Decorative artificial grass carpet prices also vary according to yarn type and pile height. Artificial grass pile for landscaping; 5mm to 50mm.

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