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Innovation is a new idea, more effective device or process

“We are manufacturing innovative artificial grass turf products for effective grounds Generation Aritficial Grass Turf: 3G Synthetic Turf

Second generation synthetic turf systems featured sand infills, and third generation 3G partificial grass turf systems, which are most widely used today, offer infills that are mixtures of sand and recycled rubber.


No Infill Artificial Grass Turf Systems

No Infill Artificial Grass Turf Systems
Unfilled Artificial Turf Football 22mm
Child playgrounds must be safer, softer and natural places. So we take inspiration from this idea and made a better aritficial grass. It can be used for child play gorunds and multi-sport areas


Puzzle Artificial Grass

Arficiial Grass puzzle tiles manufacturersPuzzle Artificial Grass

Puzzle aritficial is a great idea for short time events thats need a green and better looking grounds. It can be easliy lay down for an event and also easly removed. Puzzle artificial grass can be used for many evetns many times. Generation Aritficial Grass: 3G Synthetic Turf

Multipurpose Artificial Grass Field Cut Generation Aritficial Grass Turf: 3G Synthetic Turf is a new project that we produce better artificial grass turf products. Better, softer, more natural look, more comfortable sports grounds. There is no generation artificial turf yet.

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